The manga from My hero academy is coming to an end, and the last great battle is now underway. Before Kohei Horikoshi's work ends, however, fandom is wondering if symbol of peace All Might will return to the stage to resolve his feud with All For One once and for all.

In My Hero Academia 381, Tokoyami delivered a potentially fatal blow to All For One. However, the community believes that the Evil King is unlikely to be defeated by the Yuei's disciple, let alone Shiketsu's or a dying hawk. So who will be able to resist its darkness? You go crazy on the net Fascinating theory about the return of All Might.

According to the user, just like All For One back to his youth and also Mirio Togata is in possession of his quirk All Might will regain his powers Thanks to little Eri Rewind.

Should that actually happen, All Might would return to its peak form for one final, epic battle against All For One. The return of the Symbol of Peace would prevent his nemesis from taking over Tomura Shigaraki's body. Deku has already surpassed All Might, but in that sense his master's contribution would allow him to collide at liberty. However, there is also the hypothesis that death of all powerjust as Sir Nighteye had predicted.

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