While the network wonders if Hunter x Hunter was really canceled by Weekly Shonen Jump, i Shueisha readers prepare to welcome a brand new manga series. Will Gokurakugai also come to MangaPlus?.

Soon Weekly Shonen Jump has to say goodbye to some of his most read and well-known works, including Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen and even ONE PIECE. So, Shueisha is looking for new manga that can grab attention and replace the above ones in the hearts of readers.

An official announcement made it known that a A new manga is about to join the big Jump family. His debut will be on Shueisha's web portal Gokurakugai, Yuto Sanos Shōnen.

After some test chapters Gokurakugai convinced Shueisha, which will now proceed with full serialization on VizMedia, but it is not yet clear if it will also be on MangaPlus. However, fans should not worry, because almost all series are also reported on the portal, which allows European fans to read Shueisha series for free.

Released as a one-shot in April 2020, The story follows the story of Alma and Tao, two boys who have connections in the seediest and seediest parts of the red light districts and will do any job for money. However, after a mysterious meeting, they begin to question their work. The work will arrive While waiting to find out the fate of this series, we remind you that some ShonenJump+ manga are arriving on MangaPlus.

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