The saga that originated in the 90s is still alive today: Tomb Raider let us experience the adventures of the archaeologist Lara Croft, who was depopulated on PlayStation before the 2000s. Recently, the saga resumed for all new consoles and the universe of this Tomb Raider chapter restarted in 2018.

The most popular Lara Croft with fans is inevitably the historical one. The archaeologist presents herself as a woman who is confident, sensual and able to overcome any danger. There Tomb Raider series That came alive and made a lot of money in the second half of the 90s. It also inspired a live-action film that featured Angelina Jolie as the character.

But today we see this character in other forms. We have already brought you different cosplay on Lara Croft, one played by the sensual Purple Muniz and another with different versions of Lara Croft, created by Enji Night. This time what you can see below was created by Shermie, who we see with long brown hair tied in a pigtail, a blue tank top, very short brown shorts, and the usual paraphernalia of holsters and guns.

This Lara Croft has over 5000 likes on Shermie’s page. What do you think about this Cosplay on the theme of Tomb Raider?

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