Vigilante - My Hero Academia Illegals takes place years before the main work and tells the story of the Vigilanti, or ordinary people, who use their quirks to fight crime even though they are not regulated by law. And now these characters could finally make their debut My hero academia.

At the end of the devastating war against the supernatural liberation front, the society of heroes from My Hero Academia fights an unstoppable decline. Top two heroes, Endeavor and Hawks, are embroiled in a sensational scandal that has torn their reputations apart while the students at Yuei High are too young and inexperienced to take the reins.

With the population that has lost confidence in the character of the Pro Heroes to counter the villains The guards could think about itwho have favourited the outlaw heroes who dominate the Furuhashi and Betten Court prequel scene. Unlike the vigilants seen in the split, this new generation may not be as observant as the previous one.

As highlighted in the pages of Horikoshi's work, citizens began in the absence of a symbol of peace defend themselves independently. Anyone with a useful quirk in combat appears to have taken to the streets to stop the violence of criminals. However, these vigils lack the necessary training to minimize damage during combat, and property damage and casualties among civilians are increasing.

Besides the need to face it Threat dictated by Shigaraki and All For One, Pro Heroes also has to deal with this new trend. The Todoroki family will be at the center of the new chapter of My Hero Academia.

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