During the presentation trailer of Studio MAPPA's Attack of the Giants 4, various images and scenes from an advanced phase of the story were inserted. A phase that was not told of the episodes broadcast and that confirms that there will be a sequel.

The attack of the giants 4x16 ended with uncertainties about the future of several characters, but it also confirmed the arrival of part 2 for the fourth and final season. The next episodes will be the last of the anime, realizing the story of Eren Jaeger, as Hajime Isayama did for the recently completed manga. But when Attack of the Giants 4 Part 2 is released?

At the moment only one piece of information has been confirmed: arrival planned for next winter. This means the anime will arrive between late 2021 and early 2022. Given that the anime usually starts at set times, namely early January, April, July and October, it would mean a start in the coming winter a debut of The Attack of the Giants 4 Part 2 in January 2022.

However, in some isolated cases it happens that this rule is not followed, and the very first part did something like this about a month before the start of the season. Depending on how many episodes Studio MAPPA plans to produce, around 12 final episodes could air between January and March 2022 Around 16 episodes as for the first part, which aired between December 2021 and March 2022.

Given the amount of customizable material, No sooner will the anime debut earlier than expected. Certainly the story of The Attack of the Giants will finally be finished in a year also in the form of souls. More news about the second part could arrive in June on the occasion of the Studio MAPPA Festival.

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