Chapter 364 of Berserk displays the word "end" in the last table. Whether this will actually be the last contact with the dangerous, dark, extraordinary world created by Kentaro Miura, who had already thought about the conclusion, is not yet clear, as indicated in the interview published at the great memorial exhibition in Tokyo .

There have been several thoughts about the Master and the ideas of other mangaka around him that have surfaced in the past few months while readers and fans are waiting to find out what will become of the legacy of such an important work in the world panorama, not only in the comic sphere, but also in other media that are strongly influenced by this unique imagination.

One user, SandmanAP, posted the Summary of the interview meeting between Kentaro Miura and Eiichiro Oda, Author of the ONE PIECE series, in which the master appeared to have already determined precise steps to be respected before Gatsu's journey was completed. According to what is reported in the post below, this period is the story of Berserk was at 60-80%, and the protagonist would have had to face Grifis several times, although the exact number is not given.

Additionally, it would have been a very telling tipping point event the separation of Shilke and Farnese after completing the narrative arc set in Elfheim, which would have given way to a new narrative phase where it would have been deepened the enigmatic figure of the Knight of the Skull, one of the oldest creatures in the universe created by Miura.

Finally, we leave you the reactions of the fans to the final chapter of Berserk.

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