2021 will be a very special year for the works of Hiro Mashima. The animated version of Edens Zero has been well received by fans and the announcement of a Fairy Tail Anime 100 Years Quest has sparked interest in the community for the continuation of the work that made him famous around the world.

The mangaka is also devoted to creating sketches and drawings between one project and the other, which it publishes on its official Twitter page, followed by millions of readers and fans. Like on NaLu Day, the day the Natsu-Lucy couple is celebrated, September 10th is dedicated to Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Loxar, and of course the author decided to dedicate a unique illustration to them for the occasion.

The two were represented in a moment of calm, far from fighting, heated clashes or any danger the predominant use of various shades of blue and light blue. Although Juvia is initially part of the Phantom Lord guild and especially the Element Four team, the sorceress will ask Makarov to To be part of the Fairy Tail, and the master gives them a warm welcome. What do you think of this beautiful sketch? Let us know with a comment.

Remember tunaj did an epic cosplay of Ezra in a combat version and we leave you Mashima's advice on how to design girls' costumes.

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