For each current chapter of Dragonball Super, Granolah turns out to be the strongest in the universe. The power of the Cerelean had already been greatly increased by the dragon of the two spheres of the planet Cereal, but the battle with Vegeta drove him further in the direction of improvement and development of his skills and became invincible.

This led to the defeat of Vegeta, who, despite the ultra-ego, was unable to finally cope with the enemy. The next chapter of the manga is only a week away, just a week for debut on MangaPlus, but the V-Jump editors have decided that Official spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 76 Share the sketches Toyotaro drew for the first few pages.

The chapter is entitled "The Fate of the Saiyajins". Vegeta is still in the ultra-ego stage, but he doesn't seem to have a chance against Granolah. The cerelean strikes its enemy repeatedly, with the Saiyan prince losing his transformation and returning to his normal state. Although you don't want to give up, the strength gap is too big to be bridged e Granolah keeps hitting him. Goku's intervention in Super Saiyan Blue is essential to block the enemy, at least temporarily.

the The first few pages of Dragon Ball Super 76 end with this mini cliffhanger who saw the return of Goku. A few hours later, however, another page was shared in which Goku and Vegeta are far from the enemy and the protagonist asks Vegeta not to die as he wants to fight Granolah on his own. What happens in the rest of the chapter?

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