In recent years Nintendo and Enlightenment was quietly working on an animated feature film in the franchise Super MarioWhile the movie's release date is still a long way off, fans are wondering if this will open the doors for animated customization of other Nintendo features, such as: The legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby and otherwise.

In a recent interview with FastCompanypresident Shuntaro Furukawa pointed out that, in fact, if the company is considering expanding its intellectual abilities to include animation, in addition to franchising from Super Mario. It was also found that the use of these properties «would be adjusted to stay true to the original game experience». In the interview excerpt it says:

«Although the way we expand our intellectual property is increasing, we are very, very careful about where and how our intellectual property is licensed. We don't just develop our characters and worlds to increase public presence. We need to make sure that the results match the player's experience and never stop Nintendo developers from creating another unique game with the same characters.

Not that we asked Illumination to take care of everything [con respecto a la película de Mario]Mr. Miyamoto is very, very handy with making this film. Animation in general is something we're exploring, and not just for this franchise».

Of course, it remains to be seen whether further animated films or similar adaptations to the Nintendo franchise are actually in the works. When the time comes, it is sure to become a trend on today's most popular social networks.

Fountain: FastCompany

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