Nintendo revealed a nearly 6-minute video with new details about Paper Mario: The Origami King.

As can be seen, Mario will not only have Olivia (the sister of the villain Olly, the King of Origami) as an ally, but will interact with several characters in the franchise (including former adversaries), something that has been seen before, but at a most important level, depending on the challenge to be overcome ... including fighting!


In addition, the battle system will be an arena that will rotate 360 ​​° with multiple levels, a vital function to defeat some enemies, depending on the position of the same and aligned before the end of time.


It was confirmed that the classic POW blocks are back, that there will be more mini-games than in any previous chapter, and that the final bosses will be spectacular (even if it's duct tape, a rubber band ball, or a pencil case).


The visuals shown are spectacular and highly varied (there are many more worlds and settings than in the previous franchise games) and are riddled with secrets.

Paper Mario: The Origami King It will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 17.

Source: Nintendo (via YouTube)

© 任天堂 株式会社 / Nintendo


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