In the past few years, virtual reality technology has revolutionized the world of gaming, and it could soon do the same with that of Souls. Indeed, a visionary project from Bandai Namco will bring us to immerse ourselves in our favorite animated series through VR devices.

Recently, HTC and Bandai Namco pictures confirmed their intention to bring souls into the world of virtual reality. ""By combining the know-how cultivated over the years with the advanced technological capabilities and strength of HTC, we can create an environment in which fans can experience together and cross physical boundaries as if they were directly immersed in the world of HTC Creations"said Ozaki Masayuki, President of Bandai Namco Pictures.

Under the guidelines of this partnership, HTC and Bandai Namco will work in perfect sync to incorporate anime-related content VR platforms. In the coming months, new content will be available that enables: "Viewers can enjoy immersive animation and virtual social interactions".

The first cartoon series to be tested For this technological revolution, Battle Spirits and Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun, two Bandai Namco franchises, could be. Thanks to this, the vision of an anime would approach the genre of isekai, which was recently banned in Russia. What do you think of this possibility?

From 2022, 40 souls will arrive per year, Kadokawa, Re: Zero and Konosuba have increased the proceeds.

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