the authors Masaya Hokazono Y. Nao Kurebayashi announced the manga Pumpkin night It will be paused and continued until about July next year with the aim of giving Kurebayashi more time to draw the panels for work.

The press release stated that while the manga releases a new chapter every two weeks, serialization is "on thin ice" in relation to its production. While Hokazono's story has come a long way, the break will allow Kurebayashi to continue drawing until he is on par with the written story.

On the other hand, Hokazono and Kurebayashi started to publish the manga through the application LINE manga in 2016. The publisher LINE digital frontier released the fifth compiled volume in December 2020, and the authors also released a prequel entitled Naoko: Pumpkin Night Gaiden in June 2020.

Pumpkin Night Synopsis

The manga story begins when a girl named Akemi Nakatani is followed on social media by someone named "Pumpkin Night" and receives a threatening private message just before she is killed while talking to a friend on the phone. His friend, a boy named Kazuya Makino, is the next target of this mysterious murderer. It turns out that Pumpkin Night's real identity is Naoko Kirino, a girl who has been bullied since childhood and escaped from a mental hospital to seek revenge on her bullies.

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