In the app LINE Manga eight new manga releases were announced in June, including two new manga from Masaya Hokazono (Inugami, Pumpkin night), Nao Kurebayashi, Shinichi Okada (Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei), and Hitomi takano (Watashi no Shounen).

Pumpkin night

Masaya Hokazono and Nao Kurebayashi started manga publication Naoko ~ Pumpkin Night Gaiden ~ in the app last Tuesday. This spin-off is a prequel to the manga written by Hokazono and illustrated by Seima Taniguchi, Pumpkin night, and focuses on Naoko's life during her stay in a mental institution.

Hokazono is also the author of Inugami, which he published in the magazine Afternoon from the publisher Kodansha between 1996 and 2002, with a total of 14 compilation volumes. Later he drew a new version of the work with certain modifications entitled Inugami Kai, which had ten compilation volumes.

A second manga titled Kyouki Hakubutsuka will debut in the application on June 28, and will be written and illustrated by Shinichi Okada.

Pumpkin Night Synopsis

The story begins when a girl named Akemi Nakatani is followed by a person calling herself "Pumpkin Night" on social media, and receives a threatening private message just before she was killed while on the phone with a friend of hers.

Her friend, a boy named Kazuya Makino, is the next target for Pumpkin Night, whose identity turns out to be Naoko Kirino, a girl who was harassed during her childhood and who escaped from a mental institution to take revenge on her assailants:

Source: ANN

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