The application LINE manga announced the author Yuji iwahara will start a new manga entitled Clevatess – Majuu no Ou to Akago to Kabane no Yuushain the application dated August 12. In addition, the first compilation volume will be published by the publisher LINE digital frontier On the same day.

Iwahara (character designer of Darker than BLACK – Kuro no Keiyakusha, Author of Ibara no Ou) ended the publication of the manga Dimension W. in June 2019. Iwahara started publishing this manga series in a magazine Young gangan from the publisher Square enix Moved to the magazine in 2011 and later Monthly big gangan in December 2015. The publisher published the 16th and last compiled volume in August 2019.

The piece inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation produced by Studio 3Hz in collaboration with studios orange, Headed by Kanta Kamei and scripts written by Shoutarou suga, published January 2016.

Clevatess Synopsis – Majuu no Ou to Akago to Kabane no Yuusha

The story of the manga revolves around the Clevatess, the lord of all magical beasts, who possesses an amazing intellect and an incredible destructive power. Frustrated by the thirteen heroes who are supposed to destroy him, he decides to exterminate humanity once and for all. However, he was entrusted with one major nuisance: caring for a newborn human baby. Now that the human world faces Armageddon, the Clevatess must raise a young child.

Source: ANN

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