The trailer of The Attack of the Giants 4 has inflamed the web, even convincing many fans to make yet another rewatch of the saga. A few months after the release of the new episodes - and with the danger of spoilers always around the corner - it is therefore time to answer the fateful question: what is the best way to enjoy this epic conclusion?

The anime adaptation of The Attack of the Giants currently covers about 70% of the complete work, and is divided into three seasons of 25, 12 and 22 episodes respectively, all visible on Netflix. To these are added eight OVA dedicated to secondary characters with more or less important stories and insights and three films: Attack on Titan: the crimson bow and arrow, the wings of Freedom is the cry of awakening. The first two act as recap for the first season, while the third recounts the events transposed in season two. A fourth and final film, entitled Attack of the Giants: Chronicle, will debut on July 17th in Japan and summarize the events of all three seasons.

And what about the manga? On the official Everyeye Plus channel we decided to make a small summary, trying to clarify your ideas regarding the number of chapters adapted and the point from which you should start reading in case you want to completely avoid spoilers. At the top of the article you can take a look at the clip.

And what do you think of it? Better to wait for the anime or recover the chapters? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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