The climax of ONE PIECE is coming! Now the battle with Kaido has officially started and the emperor has found his opponents. King also went into battle, as did Jack and another flood of subordinates of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts. never Mugiwara has decided not to watch.

After the first spoilers of ONE PIECE 989 yesterday, where we could only discover very few details, today there are pictures and full summaries for the next chapter instead. Fans are preparing for a chapter that promises to set the stage for an epic confrontation.

In addition to the mini-adventure confirmations on the cover and title, Let's go back to Franky and Brook's attack on Big Mom. Kaido pirates who are nearby begin to flee, knowing that the empress will be angry and set everything on fire. Luffy climbs the Onigashima buildings to defeat Kaido. The pirate tells Shinobu that Yamato is on their side, while Yamato himself blushes when he tells Momonosuke that he is Oden and that he will protect him. The boy and Shinobu run away from Yamato in shock.

Big Mom gets up and attacks FrankyWhile the bosses of Wanos Yakuza debate whether they should clash with the Tobi Roppos instead of wasting time with low-ranking subordinates. Franky introduces himself to Big Mom when Nami tells him to flee. But Franky replies: "Why should we run away just because she is an empress? Don't you want or don't want to make our captain the king of the pirates?" Franky is about to fire a laser beam at Big Mom when three numbers appear.

At that moment the Empress indicates that they are failed versions of the "Ancient Giants" (like Oars) that Kaido bought from Punk Hazard. One of them holds the Brachio tank in his hands, which contains Usopp and Chopper. Franky slaps him in the face when Big Mom tries to attack the robot, but Jinbe intervenes, deflecting the attack, and knocking her to the ground. Robin also intervenes in the fight against Big Mom.

Luffy arrives on stage where he meets Zoro and they decide to go to Kaido together and ignore Queen. However, the misfortune stops Luffy's leap by turning into a dinosaur. At the same time, King and other Flying Gifters block the sky to prevent anyone from reaching Kaido. Thanks to the resistance of the suit, Sanji also returns safe and sound.

When Luffy and Zoro are thrown into the square, Hyogoro says they won't lose despite the difficulties. On the last page the Mugiwara's crew is complete as they prepare to face the numbers, the king and queen. ONE PIECE will be back next week.

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