Inuyasha: New information on the animated spin-off will be available shortly

Among the many anime / manga products that have come on the market, there is no doubt that among the most popular is the great epic of Inuyasha, a series that ended a long time ago and has been able to conquer a very large audience over the years, first thanks to the paperwork and then through the anime adaptation.

After more than ten years since the end of production, nobody expected anything new, and instead, surprisingly, this has been officially confirmed in recent months Inuyasha will see the arrival of a new animated spin-off series Those who could talk a lot about themselves fascinate the fans very much.

Over the past few weeks we have spoken repeatedly of Inuyasha's new series, which thanks to preliminary videos and drawings designed to show the character design of the characters has repeatedly attracted public attention, but comprehensive information about this new story arc we have not yet received. However, it seems that this will soon change as a short message for all fans has been posted on the official Twitter page dedicated to the series. More specifically, the tweet confirmed that it is new and interesting Information about Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon will be released this weekFriday 7 August, to be precise, a message that will surely make many happy.

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