Dragon Ball Super: Superhero It turned out to be a successful project, although initially the computer graphics didn't draw much attention from the dedicated community. In fact, the film's success was largely due to the TOEI Animation studio, which managed to revive a particular character.

Gohan's new form and Piccolo's unprecedented power-up helped increase the epicness of the feature film, which also made headlines Return of Cell, albeit the latter not in the role of the iconic villain we all knew. However, the work of an animator who created a truly amazing clip was recently talked about in the community.

The user Blue animationin fact, recently revealed a Trailer of a project he is working on, the same one that you can find at the bottom of the news that reinterprets Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in its own way. It's a little over a minute and a half long clip that first reveals the presence of Gogeta and that of Cell in a form never seen before. However, challenging the antagonist is always Gohan but in the Super Saiyan 4 Stadium.

And you what do you think of this video by Blue Animation instead, do you like the idea? Let us know with a comment below.

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