One of the many productions that have managed to establish themselves in the industry over these long years is also Black cloverSeries realized thanks to the work of YÅ«ki Tabata This has earned the recognition of countless readers, although the animated customization has repeatedly sparked discussions about its quality.

Despite the various criticisms of the work for an animation and drawing work that is not always at the top, and for a story that deviates from the traces of the manga, there is still a lot of talk in the anime series and, only recently, interesting news, which will surely make many users happy. Especially after the various announcements in the last few weeks, the time had finally come revealed the new opening for Black Cloveras seen at the end of the news.

The opening made its debut alongside the 141st episode of the animated series, with the video placing a special focus tough training that Asta and Yuno had to face be able to achieve their goals. According to the statements, the opening - the twelfth release so far - is called "Everlasting Shine" and was created in collaboration with the famous K-pop group Tomorrow x Together.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that the arrival of a new narrative arc for the Black Clover anime has only recently been confirmed, news that however left many fans unhappy as this additional saga will again focus on that what was revealed about filler episodes.

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