The sky of Onigashima is the setting for one of the series' most intense and grand battles ONE PIECE, and after a significant flashback dedicated to little Momonosuke, Eiichiro Oda is back to narrate events from Wano's past. Let's see together what happened in Chapter 1048 now available on the site and in the Manga Plus application.

The chapter begins with the resumption of the excited Discussion between Luffy and Momonosuke, instigated by the protagonist to move the island of Onigashima so as not to take it with the huge punch aimed at Kaido. Reflecting on his family and his responsibilities, Momo decides to act, allowing Luffy to return and fully devote himself to fighting. The Emperor then tries to provoke Straw Hat by asking him if he knows Kozuki Oden died burned alive 20 years earlier.

As he talks about it, the flames begin to erupt from his body and even manage to injure Luffy's left hand and also melt part of the skull dome. The two clash with techniques of devastating power: on the one hand, Luffy reconsiders training the haki, or rather the ryou, alongside Hyogoro and unleashing his Gum Gum Bajrang Gun vs. Rising Dragon Flame Bagua of the emperor.

While the samurai in Onigashima are hoping for Luffy's victory, Kawamaru is aware of it Only Kaido's defeat can restore true peace to the Land of Wa, Eiichiro Oda takes us back to the time when the Nine Scabbards are trying to escape, shortly after the death of the legendary Oden. Kaido heads to Kuri to reach Momonosuke, while Orochi wreaks havoc and death, killing anyone who tries to stop him. Despite the unfolding of events, four daimyos attempt to confront the two antagonists, but are quickly rebuffed by the emperor.

The scene returns to the present, where Orochi is about to kill Hiyori, who is quickly rescued by Denjiro, who cuts off the transformed Shogun's head. Once again the chapter ends with Luffy and Kaido ready to attack.

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