There Egghead Saga surprises readers with sensational revelations. After discovering more details about the Devil Fruits of ONE PIECE thanks to the words of the brilliant scientist Vegapunk, the master Eiichiro Oda this time reveals the name of the one who previously took Eustass Kidd's left arm.

If the first part of Chapter 1076 of ONE PIECE focuses on the alliance between Luffy and Zoro and the two CP0 Lucci and Kaku to face the Seraphim, the last pages are all dedicated to Kidd's crew, in on the way to Elbaf.

One of the most dangerous members of the Worst Generation Eleven Supernovas, Eustass Kidd has a mechanical arm created with the powers of his Devil Fruit when he lost his left limb after a skirmish with the Red Pirates. These circumstances were never investigated, however Oda eventually revealed who took Kidd's arm.

Now that Kidd is once again ready to go head-to-head with Shanks' crew, it turns out the young pirate couldn't even get close to the Yonko during the first fight. It was indeed Benn Beckman cuts off Captain Kidd's arm. This time, will Kidd be able to exact revenge on the Vice-Captain of the Pirates of the Red and face Shanks in a head-to-head confrontation?

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