The first judgment of My Hero Academia Final Act War sees the heroes win. The heroes can't sit back with the celebrations, however, as the Supernatural Liberation Front already has a countermove in store: the liberation of this powerful, colossal villain.

there News of Shoto's victory shakes the battlefields in My Hero Academia 353. In the different scenarios we see the reactions of the protagonists of this second war. If Bakugo took his friend's victory for granted, Spinner instead denies the possibility of Dabi's defeat.

However, the front already has an answer ready. On the pages of the chapter we see that the villains actually attack Ruins of Jaku Hospitalwhere the heroes built the Holding device containing Gigantomachiaimprisoned after the first war.

If the criminals really manage to free Machia, it would be a real catastrophe for the hero society. The last time, the colossal villain, alone, he managed to sow panic in the ranks of the heroes and only the combined effort of Class 1-A students and numerous professionals appeased his anger on behalf of All For One and Shigaraki.

This time around, the hero faction is weakened by the many casualties they've suffered and the Gigantomachy in general that is taking place The situation could escalate into total chaos. The heroes' victory is entrusted to the defenders of Jaku, the battlefield where Mina Ashido, Kirishima, Mineta, Yui Kodai and Mount Lady, among others, are present. In this scenario we will discover the face of the villain who killed Midnight in My Hero Academia. If the criminals freed Machia, do you think Red Riot and Pinky could settle scores with him?

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