The war between the shinobi of the Village of Mist and the pirates of the Funato clan has resulted in a large number of casualties. To end this circle of hate and revenge, inEpisode 251 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations One of the protagonists of this original anime saga will try to bring peace between the two factions.

Funato's family drama in Boruto 250 brought several consequences. From north to south, Araumi's men suffer at the hands of the forces of Kirigakure: the pirate clan is one step away from defeat. However, the pirate leader has absolutely no intention of withdrawing his forces and decides to gamble everything on Ikada, the one who possesses the hidden power of the sea.

Disagreeing with her father's plan, Isari secretly approaches the Mist Ninja to try to broker peace. in the Boruto 251 Preview, we see the pirate general approaching Kirigakure for this attempt at mediation. But is this a genuine attempt, or does he intend to lower their weapons and then strike insidiously? This episode will be a step towards the end of Boruto's original anime saga.

Meanwhile, Boruto continues to experience his personal growth. The protagonist is shocked by what has recently been discovered and cannot accept that Kagura is dead and that Ikada is actually on the side of the enemies. However, Ikada decides to give up his dream Becoming a ship's carpenter to join the war and avenge his sister Seiren. How will he behave when he meets the former boyfriend?

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