With a finishing move from the heart, Shoto ended the fight with his brother Dabi. in the My Hero Academia Chapter 353News of the victory of the smallest of the Todoroki spread across the battlefield.

The latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's work picks up right where the author left off. Shoto and Toya Todoroki still face each other, but the latter is unconscious after the blow received. Burnin, Endeavor's assistant, communicates to all heroes involved in the war result of the collision. Dabi, he was defeated.

From All Might to Bakugo, everyone is celebrating the good news. However, Mina Ashido and Kirishima cannot be distracted as they face the one who killed their Midnight teacher. In another scenario, Fat Gum and Aoyama, who stayed at the place where it all began, meet Kunieda, a Villain escaped from Tartarus possessing a power that is as dangerous as it is deadly. This escaped along with Ghastly, giving birth to the theory of the death of class leader Iida.

Spinner also gets the news of Dabi's defeat. However, the criminal does not want to believe what the heroes have spread. The weirdo we see isn't the one we came across, but a massive version of it that got a boost from All For One. In the memories of the antagonist, we see that instead Daby had refused the symbol of fear's help.

Finally, at the end of chapter 353 of My Hero Academia, the News reaches even Endeavor's ears, who works with Hawks on All For One. The latter does not absolve himself from annoying the number one. Is the look on Endeavor's face relief at Shoto's victory or pain at Toya's defeat? All For One continues with his provocations and shows himself well five quirks you can exploit against the top two heroes.

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