Spy x family Now it's an anime that has consolidated in the spring schedule and on Crunchyroll in the West it's already one of the most popular products. With only a few episodes, he managed to conquer the public thanks to the sympathy of Anya and the events surrounding the two adoptive parents, Loid and Yor.

If Loid often takes center stage with her espionage affairs, the same cannot be said of Yor, who on the other hand is relegated a little more to the domestic scene. The woman who had to find this cover to clear the air as she is a famous assassin comes often seen next to Anya or doing houseworkexcept for a few small stages where she wears the long black assassin dress and wields a long needle-shaped weapon, which she uses to kill the various victims.

While his brother is about to debut on Crunchyroll in Spy x Family, you can Watch Yor in this cosplay always in black assassin dress. Mirikashi strikes a pose, risking killing his viewers not only with brute force and his giant deadly needle, but with other qualities as well. Did you appreciate the work of the New Zealand cosplayer?

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