The culling game is one of the most challenging and risky challenges that Yuji Itadori and his Jujutsu High peers have ever faced. The separation in the early stages caused many problems for the protagonists, especially Panda, who was faced by a fearsome opponent in chapter 184 Jujutsu Kaisen.

Immediately after seeing a quick fight with Kinji Hakari, Gege Akutami has once again changed perspective by leading readers to follow Panda's disastrous adventure in Tokyo's second colony. The original plan called for shadowing one of the targets, which Hakari himself would see later in the fight with, so Panda had no intention of fighting.

However, an unfortunate encounter with Hajime Kashimo, a highly skilled magician and one of the protagonists' two main targets, forced Panda to do so to rely on your inner core. Despite the commitment and cooperation of its various sides, the battle ended in impressive bloodshed, as can be seen from the chapter 184 conclusion table.

The cores' poignant farewell to Panda's older siblings, narrated in chapter 185, then leaves room for the present, where the cursed body now appears to be Only the head remained, surrounded by a lake of blood. Unprecedented splatter scenes for Akutami, who wants to show what Kinji Hakari is really capable of.

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