Captain Tsubasa: Sergio Matteucci, commentator on the animated series Holly & Benji, has died

Segio Matteucci, a commentator who commented on the Italian football club's games, passed away at the ripe old age of 89 Animated series by Holly & Benji. Matteucci has not only given his voice to numerous cartoons, but has also dubbed numerous successful films. A piece of Italy disappears with his departure.

Segio Matteucci was born in Granada in 1931 and then left us a long and successful career. Matteucci, a legendary match commentator for Holly & Benji and Mila & Shiro, has voiced numerous other Japanese cartoon series, including Sampei, Candy Candy, Belle and SΓ©bastien, and Lady Oscar. Not only has he followed the childhood of millions of Italian children, but has also dubbed Rocky 2, Cinderella Man, Scarface and Raging Bull films.

Matteucci had a strong passion for the game of football, not only having voiced the Holly & Benji commentator, but also participating minute by minute in Tutto il calcio and Domenica Sprint, a program in which he played the role of correspondent at the Olympic Stadium. Matteucci was firmly convinced of his passion and in an interview he had revealed that he produced the chronicles independently. ""I wrote the text of the comment myself, I often went off the cuffFrom cartoons to films to sports commentary, Sergio Matteucci will forever remain in the hearts of millions of fans. On this terrifying occasion, we follow the end of Captain Tsubasa. The Phoenix shot challenges that of the dragon in a statue Captain Tsubasa Collection How would Matteucci comment on this challenge?

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