Hayao Miyazaki hits out female voice actors, let’s find out his reasons

At the head of Studio Ghibli stands Hayao Miyazaki, a man known for his stiff demeanor. Over the course of his career, the director has often voiced his opinion on some of the hottest topics, which has led to various controversies. We discover the recent scandal in which he is involved.

Miyazaki has always excelled in being a straight manwhich confirms what he is really thinking without fear of the reaction of others. For example, Studio Ghibli's co-founder revealed the type of otaku he hates the most, or the real problem facing the Japanese animation industry. But in an old interview that recently became fashionable again, Miyazaki hit out female voice actors.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2005 before the release of "Howl's Moving Castle"Hayao Miyazaki commented on the selection of foreign speakers for his work. When the discussion touched Lauren Bacall, the country voice actress in English, the Japanese director called her a "fabulous woman" while attacking her villagers.

"All Japanese female voice actors have very flirtatious voices that seek male attention. It wasn't what we wanted at all.". True to his trademark, Miyazaki threw again Shadow on the Anime Industry. But this time, even if 15 years after the declarations, he was supported by his compatriots.

However, part of the public counterattacked and said so The final decisions are his alone. So if Miyazaki had really shown an aversion to the flirtatious voice of Japanese speakers, he could have simply changed the line-up. And what do you think of these statements? Have you ever seen Studio Ghibli's works in their original language? In the meantime, Miyazaki designed the restaurant sign for the Ghibli Museum. NausicaΓ€ della Valle del Vento is the protagonist of a Studio Ghibli fanart.

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