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Chapter 14: Defuse the bomb

The big dog sees the future and Anya sees his thoughts, Loid is in danger and decides to help "Daddy" and leave "Mommy". Anya arrives at a tower where the bomb is planted and is unable to deactivate it. She prefers to leave a message that Loid understands but without attributing it to her daughter. It was tense in the barracks hearing the terrorists' call for war, Silvia takes care of them. Though the bomb is no longer a threat, Keith is still at large, putting the Minister's life in danger. The agent dusk uses his abilities to distract the leader from his objective and reach it at the cost of his life through a bomb dog, which he eliminates...

Chapter Opinion

The chapter fascinated me, it has a good dynamic, it doesn't say more or less. It's balanced, there's just the right amount of action that doesn't overpower the seriousness with which the war theme is taken, even this "theoretical" development of the war doesn't get boring or taken out of context, meaning it's not like that is not boring or something that is meant to fill. Anya moves the thread of much of the chapter because Bond's vision and the sight of a girl trying to deactivate a bomb created two things in me: tenderness and tension. The first because it's Anya, and the second because there's a lot at stake, even though they're the protagonists and I know they're not going to die. The other driver was Loid, especially in the confrontation with Keith.

On the other hand, although the opening I become indifferent (the End not so much), I have to stress that the picture quality in the opening and closing sequences is wonderful. In the closure more people are shown with the counterfeiters, I would like to know who they are. Finally: Silvia I love you.

The Telepath and the Oracle

As I said, Anya leads the first part, but I can't be mean to Bond, who is a very big help in the development of the story. These two beings with powers are an excellent duo and it is very good that Bond is an old dog, it is as if he were not only a pet but also a grandfather and, depending on how they sell us life, the Relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is always good And support. Arrived at the tower they complement each other perfectly, Bond is the fast and calm one, Anya the "agile" (as far as possible) and imaginative. This can be seen when Anya is about to enter, being small Bond pushes her through a crack.

This duo really promises not only funny scenes, but also serious and emotional ones, like the ones we saw in Loid's possible death. Anya is also a smile to protect and I think Bond will even protect her with his life.

what is war

In the previous review, I commented that this series has an interesting and serious background and that the manga/anime might venture in that direction at some point. Today they demonstrated to us that it is possible with the positive aspect, not losing the touch of comedy and tenderness that anime has. I'm not asking this series to be his suddenly, but they exploit that narrative, as they did in this chapter.

The terrorists glorify war, they don't know it, Silvia gives them a touch of reality that leaves some of them clueless. It's not very different from what we do to idolize someone, we don't know them and we refuse to accept a possible reality that tells us otherwise. We're all potential fans and I would actually say so. At the level of international politics, war is the guarantor of various aspects: control of markets, demographic control, political control of territories, etc.

On a subjective level, war is something that takes loved ones away from us and we end up hating others that those beings supposedly took from us. Although the terrorists are unaware of the reality of war, theoretically they seem to be aware of the political and social benefits it can bring, while Silvia represents the cruellest side and in a way implies that in order to kill one must accept dying.

Bomb deactivated but...

Loid arrives and stops his partner, who almost opens the door, realizing something is wrong. The insight of the best secret agent is great, which is reflected in this scene. The bomb doesn't explode, but the leader of the terrorists is still at large and because of him, the plan surely stands. Disguising himself as a minister, Loid diverts the terrorist's attention by taking him to a remote place with no people, but he is cornered by a dog. Here is the chapter, supposedly Loid will shoot the dog, I hope there is another way.

Keith and his ideology

Keith, as a leader, you must have a position that you must defend with your life. He believes that his country should be big, that is, he is a chauvinist (ultranationalist) who mainly considers territorial and economic control because he is willing to sacrifice others. This is demonstrated when he flees from the tower, saying, "If it is for the country, surely they will die with pleasure." The national glory and honor is greater than the single individual of this nation. There is only one, every life, as long as it is not your own. He can sacrifice others but not himself, and even when he acts, he always does it from afar. Characteristics of a megalomaniac, but even if captured he will continue to say it is out of national pride.

She didn't have much involvement, I want to see her back in mission action. Let's see what happens to the bomb dog. And sorry for too much text.
PS: The whole plot seems to have references to the European armed peace, the period before WWII and the Cold War. Just to add.

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