The result of the fight between Shoto and Dabi already projects us to a new clash, namely that between the team of Endeavor and Haws and All For One. Before this new fight, however, readers were surprised by a's new look Villain from My Hero Academia.

As Spinner reflects on his partner's victories in many bouts, readers may notice something very different about him. Before the war, the symbol of fear made him gift of extraordinary power. In this last act it's much more massive, wild and powerful, almost like Gigantomachy.

The obtained power-up spinner is very reminiscent of what happens to video game boss. In the game world, a rather weak enemy, when defeated, will be reborn bigger and more powerful than before. This typical clichΓ© of the Super Mario franchisethis is exactly what happened to the Lizard Villain, who happened to be a great lover of video games.

Soon there will be a fight between mutants and mezo in My Hero Academia Shoji must face his final boss. The power-up has a counterpart that the Class 1-A student must try to exploit. While it's true that Spinner now possesses larger and deadlier blades and destructive power, it's also true that he's lost the agility that once accompanied him.

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