The war continues in the manga My hero academia and with the last chapter we saw a shocking revelation. Regarding the latter, a number of specific tweets are born. Let's see.

On the last few pages of My Hero Academia, Dabi has revealed his true identity and it seems we will soon see him crash Shoto Todoroki. It is precisely in this regard that fans preferred to forget the moment of tension in the story and focus on a slightly more specific challenge: on Twitter, the two boys actually compete with each other. Dance moves.

It all stems from the disturbing scene with the aforementioned villain. Enthusiasts have noticed that the movements appear to be the enemy similar to those of Arthur Fleckor the Jocker in the 2019 film and given the impending clash, some fans have decided to support Dabi by posing with Todoroki, who is also dancing but in this case is straight from the fourth season of the anime where the hero is It actually moved to the beat of the music. At the end of the message, the tweet from the user Kirikiwis is reported, which shows us the two opponents in this unusual clash.

Despite this fan-sharing, the situation in the Horikoshi manga turns out to be far from happy, as many veterans are unable to participate in the battles and replace them and assume an increasingly central role must be the young protagonists. Also in the last chapters of the Mistakes Endeavor has made in the past You fail.

What do you think of this new trend? And who would you like to see on a dance floor? Let us know in a comment. If interested, I bring you an in-depth analysis of the character of Bakugo from My Hero Academia.

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