The final war between heroes and villains continues without compromise. The clash between Shoto and Dabi ended with a very important result, but threats to the protagonists were not long in coming. Endeavor and Hawks, the top two Pro Heroes, are actually taking care of All For One when the villain engages in an irritating mind game.

The message of Shoto's victory over Dabi, shared by the former symbol of the Peace of All Power, generated a strong sense of cooperation, unity, and relief among the heroes. However, when the news reached Endeavor, who was busy with Hawks vs. All For One, the villain jumped at the opportunity and provoked Number One with jokes about it tragic fate of his family and the eldest son Toya.

After further provocation, Enji decides to act alone, without engaging in any strategy with Hawks. Unfortunately, All For One, coldly calculating, manages to once again exploit and use the situation to their advantage Sever Endeavor's right arm cleanly. The villain then turns his attention to Hawks. The pro hero knows he's at a disadvantage, but luckily for him, he's protected and supported by an unlikely pair of young heroes: Fumikage Tokoyami and Kyoka Jirowhich responds promptly to the last line of All For One and foreshadows a rather interesting clash.

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