Eden zero is now projected to the 200th chapter. The adventure of Shiki Granbell and her companions was able to assert itself thanks to Mashima's usual likeable and at the same time epic, dynamic and funny style. The same author is back on social media, sharing a totally original new artwork dedicated to the protagonist.

Especially for Shiki GranbellEmbarking on such a journey and getting away from the planet he has spent his entire life on has been a difficult and exciting decision. As the captain of Eden's Zero, Shiki aims to build relationships with many characters. A certainly lofty goal, but one that made him come to terms with a harsh reality:Existence of enemies and dangerous dark entities.

However, thanks to the support of his teammates, especially Rebecca, Shiki managed to become a great captain. determined to find mother in the center of the universe. A determination that is evident by the latest drawing signed by the author Hiro Mashima and shared by himself on Twitter in the post that you will find at the bottom of the news. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally we leave you the illustration dedicated to Mashima Hermit and our review of the first season of Eden's Zero available on Netflix.

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