It will be released in Japanese cinemas on June 11, 2022 Dragon Ball Super: SuperheroHis awaited film, which also received a new teaser. With the release imminent and fans excited, Toei Animation continues to reveal details on various aspects of the production, such as all the tracks that will make up the film's soundtrack.

The user @DbsHype has in fact published on the social networks the post that you can find below where the 23 songs composed by Naoki Satoa musician also known for his contributions to films such as 2014's Doraemon and its 2020 sequel.As is often the case, individual track titles can reveal some details Main Story Eventsand being in a particular order, they suggest the rhythm with which one passes from one sequence to the next, or even the entry of a character into the scene.

Between normal titles and those that don't suggest much, they pop up Beerus & Chelye, confirming the return of Freeza's army member met in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie. Another title that sparks interest is awakening of the twelfth track which could refer to Gohan's latent power which has been much discussed in recent days. The passage 18 titled instead Mysterious rays of light, suggests a technique never seen before in the series. Tell us what you think of these new details by leaving a comment below.

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