Just a month before the appointment with the anime of Rent A Girlfriend, a new PV trailer for Season 2, spotlights loan girlfriend Chizuru Mizuhara. How will the relationship with poor, desperate Kazuya Kinoshita develop over the course of the next few episodes?

Following the recent trailer of Rent-A-Girlfriends Mommy, the official DMM Pictures YouTube channel has shared a new advertisement for Season 2, whose Debut is planned for July 2022.

In the first season, Chizuru met Kauzya, both as a hired friend and as a school friend. However, their relationship has taken an unexpected turn. Initially naughty and irritating, Chizuru finally lets go of Kazuyaeven goes so far as to confront his ex mommy.

During the second season of Rent-A-Girlfriend, which will continue from this very moment, Chizuru will have the opportunity to do so to go to a school that will enable her to fulfill her dream. However, attending drama institute would mean losing Kazuya permanently, leaving him in the hands of the other three girlfriends.

The promotional material that comes after the Rent-A-Girlfriend trailer dedicated to Ruka shows quite a bit sharp and embarrassing scenes. Is love born between Chizuru and Kazuya, or is their relationship destined to remain employed?

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