In volume 43 of Batman Beyond We had seen Batwoman retire due to her father's concerns, but the events that greatly affect Terry McGinnis and the threats that will soon affect the entire Bat family have forced Elainna Grayson to take action again, this time with a new costume.

In fact, the superhero didn't have an original costume because she had to replace the Dark Knight immediately while he was badly injured, and he was wearing his costume. But it seems that despite his father's worries about Dick, Elainna finally received a special costume, which is strongly reminiscent of the classic colors of Nightwing.

In volume 45 we see the arrival of Damian Wayne and Goliath next to Terry. The two explain this to Batman The League of Assassins is planning a way to eliminate the bat familyand looks for them to kill Damian himself, being the legitimate son of Bruce Wayne, the original Batman.

When the three are overwhelmed by the numerical superiority of the Assassin League, Batwoman enters the scene with her version of the Batman Beyond costume with an electric blue to replace the red. It seems to him Workouts with Barbara Gordon were incredibly helpful, and Elainna also managed to convince her father Dick, the mayor of New Gotham, to witness his struggle.

Recall that the series ends on Batgirl with volume 50 and that Batman has shown new armor for the Joker War finale

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