Dragon Ball Super 62: Goku is in danger, what will his fate be?

Chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super may have been the victory of the protagonists who, after so much trouble, managed to defeat the saga's enemy, Molo. Nothing went according to plan and there were actually a few moments that distorted the fighters' chances of winning Dragon Ball Super.

Now that it has absorbed 73, it may no longer be possible to beat Molo. The enemy's new skills were exhibited in Dragon Ball Super 62 and now it seems that the protagonists have nothing more to do. No external help like Kulilin with the Senzu or Dende with the healing powers, no use of the fusion with Potara or Metamor dance.

The warriors faced Molo in what appeared to be an unscratchable arena, and for this reason they were all knocked over one by one. But the one who suffered the most damage was Gokuwith the protagonist who, after an excellent combination of attacks, has to suffer a devastating blow from Molo, who pierces his right breastplate and leaves him with a huge hole. In the current situation Goku is in danger of dying and there is no one who can heal him even a minimum.

Toyotaro was unlikely to choose to start such a death in Dragon Ball Super, though it is not said that at the end of the saga, everyone will stay alive. However, if Goku dies, the dragon balls will surely become active again. As you would see one The protagonist's death, even if temporarily?

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