June marks Pride Month, an initiative that encourages the community to recognize LGBTIQ+ rights. Star Comicswho, with its Queer series, is the first publisher to offer a label dedicated exclusively to storytelling beyond gender binaries, will release three new themed titles for the occasion.

Edizioni Star Comics kicks off Pride Month with the debut of Battans Run Away With Me, Girl. In this tortured love story, Two young women meet again years later and ignite a flame that seemed dormant. The first of the three volumes will arrive on June 8th with 3 illustration cards attached.

Starting June 15, Boys Run the Riot will be running, the Keito Gaku miniseries which tackles the transgender issue through the eyes of a clothing brand founder. The work also comes in a limited edition with box to collect the entire series, which consists of four volumes

Finally, on June 22, it's Until I Meet My Husband's turn autobiographical boy love by Ryosuke Nanasaki. Created by Yoshi Tsukizuki and also available in a novel version, this unique volume explores LGBTIQ+ issues that lead readers to fight for community rights. In addition to the three titles, Star Comics organizes numerous events throughout the month dedicated to Pride Month.

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