For the franchise of My hero academia It's a particularly successful time. Kohei Horikoshi's manga has largely exceeded 300 chapters, an art exhibition recently opened, and the anime is back with great enthusiasm for season five. But it's not all easy to sail, work is at the center of a sensational scandal.

As reported on the Daily Dose of Anime Facebook page, My Hero Acaemia recently joined thethe eye of the storm for an event that happened some time ago. After the attack during the summer retreat and the brutal battle between All Might and All For One, the twelfth episode of the third season of the animated Yuei High School aims to protect the safety of its students by putting them in a dormitory near the school.

In search of recognition, the Peace Symbol and Eraserhead visit their students' families to regain their trust. When the two teachers arrive at the Bakugo house, "Mamma Bakugo" hits his son several times, accused him of being kidnapped, adding that "If he grew up like this, it is because all of them did nothing but praise him". Bakugo's intense gaze is softened by a gentle caress on the head.

According to a Twitter user, Kohei Horikoshi's work with this event would have the Domestic violence. ""My Hero Academia normalizes child abuse and domestic violence. This scene isn't funny, and if you think it's normal for a mother to beat her child and tell him that his kidnapping was her own fault, then you need a therapist. "

"You love My Hero Academia so much that you can't even identify its mistakes. For God's sake, open your eyes, Bakugo was mentally and emotionally affected by this incident and his mother blamed him for what happened."

"I am absolutely horrified and disgusted that people are defending this event. I am simply shocked. It is absurd to think that today some people can get away with crimes like child abuse or violence on Sunday."

What do you think of the matter? In your opinion, scenes like this should never happen, or is it sterile controversy for an event that happened two seasons ago now? Meanwhile, Tokoyami and Yaoyorozu are ready in My Hero Academia 5x06. A new and peculiar rivalry has emerged in My Hero Academia 5x05.

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