Not on the scene for almost three years, the anime by Overlord can return soon. The Work's Twitter profile has actually announced that there will be a special streaming event on May 8th where "information about the anime series" will be revealed. This albedo cosplay is waiting for news and immerses us in the light novel by Maruyama.

Instagram artist @banbanko_ took advantage of the excitement created by the announcement of the streaming event and brought a wonderful result Albedo cosplay, Demon with the features of a beautiful and pure girl. Albedo is loved by the fans and is the protagonist of numerous cosplays, but this one has succeeded in an excellent way.

Albedo, the faithful servant of Ainz Ooal Gown, wears a tight and short white dress, has black wings on her back and two white horns on her head. Each of these details was perfectly replicated by the cosplayer, very attentive to every detail, like the yellow iris. In addition to the extraordinary physical resemblance, @banbanko confirms herself as a meticulous cosplayer. And what do you think of the recordings she shared on her profile? Did you find errors in the interpretation? Let us know with a comment!

Let's compare this work to another Overlord cosplay. In the meantime, check out all the details on the upcoming Overlord announcement here.

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A contribution by 半 半子 _ (@banbanko_)

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