Great news in Dragon Ball Super is the Super Saiyan God, a transformation that Goku achieved thanks to the contribution of five other Saiyan. However, Kakarot is not the warrior who appeared in Lord Beerus' prophetic dream. It will be unexpected Super Dragon Ball Heroes to investigate the matter.

The identity of the pure-hearted fighter who emerged in the premonition of the god of destruction was revealed by the dragon Shenron, who explained Goku the steps to transform into a Super Saiyan god and told the story of an ancient Saiyan. Yamoshi He was a warrior with a noble soul who fought with five allies against the evil Saiyajins. However, during this rebellion, he died fighting. Super Dragon Ball Heroes could make viewers relive this story all over again.

Although the commercial has not yet made explicit reference to the Super Saiyan god and Yamoshi, it has staged two Evil Saiyans, Cumber and Turles. The corrupt power of this powerful negative aura is still a mystery, but there may be updates on this topic in the next few installments of the series.

When Goku transformed Super Saiyan God Before CumberThe monstrous antagonist had no evidence of astonishment. According to some theories, Cumber could be one of the bad old Saiyajins that Yamoshi fought. However, we remind you that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a non-canonical series and therefore does not affect the background of the main work.

While waiting to find out the truth about the evil Saiyan and the Super Saiyan god of legend, a Super Dragon Ball Heroes antagonist could transform into Super Saiyan 3. Vegeta's aura has changed. Will the prince transform?

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