The novel Naruto: Shikamaru's Story - Mourning Cloud takes place in the period of the sequel Boruto: Naruto the next generations, exposes Shikamaru and lets us know that either side is never convinced of the genius of the Leaf Village tactic.

As we have already seen, because of its impetuosity The ninja alliance stalled;; Shikamaru almost started a new First World War in Boruto. Only thanks to the intervention of the usual Naruto could the situation between the shadow ninja and the Tsuchikage and the Mizukage be resolved peacefully. But what led the Clan Nara member to this unusual change?

The novel explains who the Hokage's advisor is to readers stressed out from too much work, but not only, also from the family situation. His wife Temari can't stand his laziness and what annoys her most is that Shikamaru, on the contrary, is always ready when Naruto calls him to order. Sand Kunoichi just wants more attention as a woman and as a family woman.

The situation almost collapses when Shikamaru even forget their anniversary. Worse still, Kazekage Gaara's sister accuses him of being completely absent from the life of her son Shikadai. However, when Temari learns of the war that has just been mentioned, she understands her husband's work situation and lovingly forgives him.

Temari It is his rockand although he doesn't want to burden her with his problems, Shikamaru finally bursts into tears when he remembers an event from her past. Even if he fails in his role as a consultant, Shikamaru finally realizes that his family would still welcome him home with open arms.

Temari's maturity warms Shikamaru's heart when we see him express his feelings for the first time. The ninja of the leaf hugs his wifeand knowing that she is ready to have his back on whatever happens, she says that she wants to avert any new war.

What do you think of the "hidden" side of Shikamaru and his life as a couple? Meanwhile, in Boruto 57, Naruto said he was ready to do anything to protect Konoha. In Boruto 57 shines through the monstrous power of which Eida is capable.

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