Dragon Ball Superon some occasions, he made the longest step of the leg, presenting some narrative arches on the front of the multiverse. The idea, in fact, allowed Goku and Vegeta to face characters from parallel realities, including even different versions of the Saiyan race.

In the seventh universe the Planet Sadala, the place from which the Saiyans originated, was destroyed following an internal conflict. The inhabitants, therefore, were forced to abandon their native land to go to the Planet Plant, the world we all know today by the name of Planet Vegeta. In the sixth universe, however, internal disagreements never led to the destruction of Sadala, which is why there are profound differences with the Saiyans of the seventh universe.

Cabbain fact, protagonist of the saga of the Tournament of Power, he has a less violent and arrogant character than pure-blooded Saiyans like Vegetaindeed, he even appears with a kind and helpful personality. Either way, its design was particularly inspired by Akira Toriyama who imagined for the young hero a typical armor of the Greek hoplite. Cabba, in this case, has many traits in common, especially in the jacket, with the powerful Spartan soldiers, the warrior elite of the Peloponnese.

At the bottom of the news, the writer Derek Padula he underlined the common features - and particularly evident - between the two armours. And you, however, notice this similarity? Let us know with a comment below. But speaking of the franchise, have you already read the first spoilers of chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super?

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