Trigun Stampede will arrive on Crunchyroll in 2023. Finally, after many years, returns the story of Vash the Stampede, the humanoid Typhoon invented by Yasuhiro Nightow over twenty years ago, now seemingly lost in the folds of time. However, with a completely different character design than before.

And exactly that Made a change to Trigun Stampede, which is made in 3DCG among other things, has caused a lot of discussion. The trailer for Trigun Stampede did a good job of showing the characteristics of the anime and making it clear what Vash will be like this time around, with hair loose instead of up, overall with a different cut and with changed clothes.

How fans embraced the move to Vash the Stampede in this new Trigun anime? There were obviously many on Twitter who went wild and voiced their opinions and the result was a list of comments that were very contradictory. There are those who don't appreciate the decision to change Vash's design in the slightest and have decided that he won't watch the anime, while others appreciate it very much since the character had to be modernized. There are those who then stand in the middle and admit that they don't appreciate the change very much but will still watch the anime.

On which side are you? Appreciate the Vash's new design in Trigun Stampede?

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