The original anime series by Yu-Gi-Oh! is still remembered today by fans with great affection and nostalgia, especially regarding characters who have become emblems of the franchise, from Yugi Muto to Bakura Ryou, obviously through the first antagonist: Seto Kaiba.

the CEO of KaibaCorp Proven to be crucial in several storylines of the historical series and received several special decks in the famous trading card game, which is expanded from year to year. Would you believe it if we told you that Kaiba is actually a pacifist? Let's find out the details of this seemingly bizarre theory together.

The first argument in favor of the proposed thesis is the fact that once the Gozaburo Kaiba's stepfather From the direction of KaibaCorp, Seto turned the company from a weapons manufacturer into a game developer and also made Kaiba Land. Many of you may be thinking of all the circumstances under which Kaiba tried to kill Yugi and his companions, and also kidnapped the protagonist's grandfather. On these occasions Seto was still under the influence of his stepfather.

Actually Kaiba is a dreamer and visionary, able to destroy everything that was wrong with its predecessor, to create a company based on fun and games, through the express part of his passion for Duel Monsters. Considering his childhood spent in an orphanage, Seto also funded the establishment of orphaned theme parks and academies to teach Duel Monsters to those interested.

Finally, Kaiba's truly pacifist side is coming out of its own Focus on solving problems through the game of cards yourself, devising strategies to win, but without bloodshed or uncontrolled and senseless violence, a style that was instead adopted by Gotaburo. What do you think of this unique perspective on Seto Kaiba's character? Please let us know in the comments section as usual.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the official pillow has arrived in the form of a Duel Disk.

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