As a result of all the controversy that has arisen over the symbol that has accompanied Frank Castle since its first appearance, known as the The punisher, the giant Marvel Comics has decided to renew the design of the antihero by also launching a new head, the debut of which is scheduled for March 2022.

The famous screenwriter is going to take care of the new series with the simple title Punisher. To take care of Jason Aaron and several artists including Jesus Saiz and Paul Azaceta. The story, divided into 13 volumes, will trace the past of Castle and lay the foundation for future adventures in other parallel publications. However, given the decision regarding the logo, Marvel revealed a preview the cover version of the first volume, created by Goran Parlov.

The illustration in question, which you can find below, shows Castle in the background, as it moves away and is framed in the missing eye of the skull symbol. At the same time, many readers and enthusiasts have seen this cover as an attempt Recreate the scene in which Peter Parker turns his back on his Spider-Man costume, on one of the most iconic covers in comic book history, that of The Amazing Spider-Man # 50, the same newspaper that the Punisher character will debut in The Amazing Spider-Man # 129.

A multi-meaning cover that looks back at the past, at the origins of Frank Castle, and points towards it a rebirth of the series and a further development of the protagonistas stated by Aaron himself.

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