Lately, the arrival of Yoshihiro Togashi on Twitter has done that Return of Hunter x Hunter. For the time being, the author is still concentrating on the drafts, preparing about one page a day, rarely a few more, and then posting them on Twitter with the numbering.

A few weeks ago, Togashi Hunter x Hunter had completed 398 and immediately started in 399. But now this chapter is also closed, as of today, July 6th Togashi posted page 19 on his Twitter pagewhich is usually the last of a chapter, unless color pages are programmed to lengthen the count.

As you can see below, this time Togashi has incorporated many details and enlarged the photo field. You can see people talking from behind and even someone yelling. There is also a corridor where people appear to be walking or running away. In addition, trees appear on page 18 that suggest an external scenario in which other people are conversing. There will be a lot of chatter in this chapter, as you can also guess from page 13 onwards.

They have convinced you Hunter x Hunter 399 spoilers? Now only Hunter x Hunter Chapter 400 remains to complete this round of releases.

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