Enthusiasm for the debut of The attack of the giants 4 should consider the reasons that led Studio Wit to discontinue the franchise. The studio in charge of the past three seasons actually realized that it couldn't take over the final season, not after all the sacrifices made during the production phase.

Recently, an animator spoke about the animations of The Attack of the Giants 4 and urged the public not to confuse anything that glitters with gold. Of course, the first episode seems to have been done on a schedule that isn't that strenuous, but the Key Animator warns that the "The first episode is like a hook for viewers [per attirare il pubblico]As a result, most of the staff took the utmost care while working on this episode. You will see the anime for what the third episode really is".

We have said it several times and repeat it: MAPPA is working on too many projects at the same time. In the world of Japanese animation, in most cases, an anime is not ready until the last week of broadcast. In some cases, as the Shirobako series recalls, on the same day. No matter how many employees the studio has, the company is desperate for the freelancers and animators who take on the scenes to complete in an inappropriately timeframe.

The animator uses this to give an example with his experience: It takes approximately 16 days for a 35-second action. For an anime like Attack of the Giants, which is more complex due to its particular style, two weeks can easily turn into a month of work for the same amount of time. If you followed us during the broadcast of One Punch Man 2, you will know the animator believes that the production's health is more or less the same.

It is no coincidence that some Japanese animation experts have wished for the "flop" of Attack of the Giants 4 in the hope that this absurd work situation would cease to exist. The animator adds to end that Problems can arise in the third episodewhen the delays in the schedule should begin to show the first effects of this forecast.

In this regard, the study remains the same as always, and although the staff is different for each MAPPA anime, a domino effect that affects other ongoing television productions cannot be ruled out. just like jujutsu kaisen. Instead, what do you think of this absurd situation?

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