One of the main opponents of the fourth season of My hero academia was Kai Chisaki, leader of Shie Hassaikai and known as Villain Overhaul. Overhaul has a very special personality and represents a villain with a different mentality within the series, an aspect that got the heroes into trouble.

The strategies developed by overhaul, his attachment to little Eri and the final collision with Midoriya have made him an antagonist much appreciated by fans of Kohei Horikoshi's work, and among them they wanted to recreate it in particular with a very faithful 3D model . As in the last few months, the user @hkoskine recreated three characters from My Hero Academia using a 3D modeling program.

The themes chosen this time are the Villain Overhaul and Dabi, as well as the small but cute Mineta. All three were made with great attention to detail Reproduction of Chisaki's beak-shaped maskUp to the burns on Dabi's skin going through Mineta's extravagant hairstyle, which is featured in an adult magazine, which makes his perversion even more evident.

Keep in mind that the 5x07 episode of My Hero Academia is available on Crunchyroll, and we'll leave you to the awesome Caitlin Chrstinee cosplay dedicated to Ochaco.

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