This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

A year has already passed, Ayumu is in his second year while Urushi is entering his third year and it is over. But there is still a year to seize the opportunity and try to fulfill the dream senpaiformalize the club of Shogi. As it's a new year, meaning there are new students who might be ready to join, the trio prepare to recruit members and, if there is one, reminisce about how he got there, to leave school. kendo for him Shogi. Suddenly, an unexpected applicant appears, Rin, who signed up for the club thinking it was her kendo to see that his superiors were there. Finding out that's not the case, he challenges Ayumu to a duel, which he wins and the club stays with its members, moreover, honor allows Rin to enter, although his eyes showed... love?

Chapter Opinion

I have to say that I liked this chapter the most, it moved me the most because I saw a real danger of separation. The medium gray colors are retained but are now moderately clear due to the time of year and some interiors. Also, if my eyes don't fail me, I think this is the best animated chapter I've ever seen, the faces and the scenes in general felt sharper and more alive. To this I add that a character has finally appeared who is in the opening was shown and that I wanted to see because it felt like she was the one who could end the relationship, that's Rin. Eventually I felt that the chapter was falling short, time was passing, I really wanted more and that at least to me it indicates that I was enjoying the chapter too much.

A whole year has passed

The first six chapters cover a full year of her school life, I wonder if this second part will cover the year Little Braids-chan left. In principle, everything is fine if I don't think about it too much, but when I think about it, I wonder if there weren't things worth telling about this year. Since it is not an official club, they cannot participate in competitions, this problem is fixed, but the intrapersonal relationships between the protagonists and the secondary ones, where can they be? We know that romance in anime is almost always slow, so I don't question Ayumu and Urushi that much.

On the other hand, Ayumu will now only have one school year left to beat Urushi and confess his love to him, although that is an open secret. I feel like Takeru, led by Sakuraku, and Maki could help create a favorable environment for these lovebirds. I hope their romance is achieved because it seems that if these 6 chapters span a year there will not be a second season.

The club and the rival

While watching the chapter I wondered how she fell in love with urushi and just the memory of how she joined the club and her infatuation also appear. The truth is that as a school girl, it would be impossible for me not to want to commit to urushi (and memories of adolescence come to mind). All that remains is to know why Takeru didn't join the Club of kendo. The point here is that they must have new members and an unexpected Rin appears. Not including her in the entire first part is warranted because she is underage and doesn't seem like a sigh to Ayumu, so mentioning her wasn't necessary either. However, his performance almost destroyed the illegitimate Club of Shogi and makes Braids-chan realize that a club wouldn't be what she wants without Tanaka. With her presence, it seems to me that there could be more love conflicts, assuming she likes Ayumu.

Will there be more spice and emotion in what remains? Hopefully. As I mentioned, I really enjoyed the chapter and will expect more from Rin that I liked the character too, but no more than Urushi.

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